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Voise Sausage, Odessa’s venerable supplier of the Biergarten during Deutsches Fest and of other loyal customers throughout the rest of the year, now has new owners. Darren and Kendrain Summers have purchased the business from Jason and Chandra Schumacher.

Summers’ son Branden Summers will take over the management and processing of Voise Sausage. With the two operations “all in the family,” so to speak, Darren Summers says he hopes to meet the growing demand for locally produced food.

For their part in Deutsches Fest, Darren and Kendrain Summers plan to have a booth set up outside of the Voise Sausage plant, where they will serve food and have retail products for sale. Plans are to maintain the current product line that is so popular with customers throughout the area, so no one need fear that their favorite Voise Sausage product will no longer be available. At the same time, the new owners plan to begin offering new products as they see the demand developing.

Darren Summers said that in this era of tight credit, obtaining a loan for the purchase of Voise Sausage was not an easy task. Things finally worked out in their favor, however, and they are ready to begin pursuit of this new venture with great enthusiasm. Check out their booth at Fest!